Concerns about America’s physical and mental health have not escaped the sorority and Delta’s work in prevention and “wellness” has translated into health education, health fairs and provision of health care services.

As an organization of predominately African-American women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is uniquely positioned to impact not only the well-being of its members, but also the well-being of families and communities at-large. Taking on the challenge to combat the high incidence of obesity among African-American women, the chapter introduced the Total Woman: Mind, Body and Spirit program that encourages and promotes healthy lifestyle changes.

Our current focus for the program is the “Lose to Win! Family Healthy Lifestyle Weight and Nutrition Challenge,” which provides education and encouragement for families committed to achieving healthier weights and nutrition – with a spotlight on raising awareness on chronic illnesses in African-American families such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, mental health issues and diabetes.

In addition to this program, our chapter has partnered with local organizations to sponsor health fairs and created public service announcements (PSAs) focused on heart health, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

Our chapter invites you to join us on a journey toward making a healthy lifestyle change to positively improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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